Embrace Transparency, Don’t Shy Away From It.

Having worked with Sr. Leadership Teams over the last 12 years, I have found varying levels of comfort when it comes to transparency. Some shy away from “Big Brother” looking at all they do, while others embrace anyone knowing how everyone else is doing. When it comes to Strategic Planning and Strategy Execution, transparency has become vital in making the right things happen. CEO’s who embrace transparency tend to find it empowering.

In the video below, Alan Mulally shares how transparency helped him and his people reverse a $17 Billion loss at Ford Motor Company.

Great Leaders Know How To Use Transparency

When great leaders have transparency amazing things happen.

  • Employees take ownership for the success of the organization
  • Boards of Directors are clear on what your team is doing and why
  • Stakeholders are getting the things they need from your organization
  • Stockholders have confidence in your organization, increasing the value.

Make a Plan to Achieve a Vision

We have all heard the phrase “Begin with the End in Mind”. Whether it is for ourselves, our families, or our companies, having a plan to achieve a positive future, is a staple of effectiveness. However, having a plan is only half of the equation. Effective leaders not only create a plan to achieve a better future state, they set up systems to ensure transparency and execution of that plan.

Set Goals and Action Plans

Setting goals and action plans is key to achieving success. Leaders look at what needs to happen, what it is going to take to make it happen, and who needs to take what actions to achieve that desired success. Whether you refer to these goals and action plans Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or Leading Indicators, it is important to set goals in your plan and then understand what it will take to achieve those goals. Working on Actions that get you closer to achieving the right Goals is the only way to reach your vision.

Assign Ownership and Set Timelines

There is a big difference in people taking accountability for success and holding people accountable for success. Having the right systems in place that allows them to speak up and self-promote on what they are achieving is key to helping people take accountability. How transparency is handled makes all the difference between leaders and bosses.

Dashboards that work

What gets measured gets achieved. Therefore it is important that the dashboards you set up actually help you achieve your vision and your goals. Knowing where you are in the process and addressing areas of concern early help us lead to success.

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