Who are the Domestiques in your organization?

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When we think about examples of cycling’s great heroes, typically we think of the big names like Lance Armstrong, Jan Ulrich, and Miguel Indurain. Rarely do we think about the un-named heroes that really are the backbone of the team. They are the unsung leaders of the Peloton. They are the domestique.

I cannot think of anyone who works harder with less glory. Unless they win a stage or are in a crash they typically go un-noticed by the media. They quietly pedal along, taking commands from the team captain and manager to ensure their team has the best position possible at the end of the day. They are called upon to expend super human strength to reel in a breakaway or to pull the team captain back to the lead.

In every organization there are Domestiques. They give their all every day for the team to succeed. They are on the front line taking the lead so that the company can roll behind in their draft. They execute faithfully the commands of their bosses.

Do you know who your domestiques are in your organization? Do you thank them well enough for your success? Do you give them their day on the podium so that they will continue give their all for you?

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