The Time Trial We Call Life

“This year is my year!” Or at least that is what I keep telling myself. Then again I tell myself that just about every year. “I am going to work harder.” “I am going to lose the weight.” “I am going to put up my best time ever in my favorite race.”

How many of us start out the year like that and then we see it fade into nothing? I have seen it too many times in my own life. The reason it does not come to fruition is because life gets in the way. “There are so many other things to do I can’t do it all” we may say to ourselves.

Each day we have to make a decision on what to do with our time. There are only so many hours in the day and we need to make sure we are making the best of our time. In fact Peter F. Drucker, one of my Leadership Development Heroes says that an effective leader knows his/her time.  Stephen R. Covey gave us the Time Matrix to help us focus not the most important. And Hyrum Smith, the man who brought the Franklin Day Planner into the world, taught us a methodology for focusing on and accomplishing  the most important things for each day.

All this comes down to one word: Contribution! So, I as you to ask yourselves, what am I doing today to contribute to my job, family, self, health, etc?  Add in the most important categories for you.

Know that time stops for no one.  It is how much of the most important things in life we are able to accomplish in the time given that tells us who the winners in life are.



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