The Frame Builder: Understanding Stakeholder Needs

No one knows better than the custom frame builder, the importance of understanding the needs of their customers. Probably because they are very aware that if they do not meet those needs they will not stay in business very long.

The process of measuring calculating angles and tube lengths all combine to give the rider the desired ride. It is exactly what they ordered. Because that rider has received the bike they wanted with exactly the right fit they tell their friends and people they ride with and the referrals begin to filter in.

How often do we check in with our clients to make sure we are creating what they have asked of us?

Would our companies be more profitable if we aligned to our stakeholder needs?

Would we get more referrals if we did?

I am not saying that it should be our only barometer. However, we should learn a lesson from the custom frame builder and make sure we know what the stakeholders need. Remember that a business has no inherent right to exist. Only through the needs we meet through the goods we produce, or the services we provide.

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