Organizational Structure and the Wheel.

I remember as a kid my first bike came to me in a box. My mom went to Sears and bought me a bike that I had to assemble myself. I remember pulling out my dad’s tools and putting the wheels on, the stem in and tightening everything up.

Even though it was the style of a Schwinn Stingray, I rode that bike like it was a BMX. I would jump it off curbs, ride it around dirt tracks in a field next to our house, and wheelie every chance I got. I abused that bike, and it was not long before my wheels resembled the shape of a potato chip on edge.

The wheel is one of the most important feature of the bike. In some cases more than the cost of the frame. A well built wheel is important to your bike because everything is riding on it, quite literally.

The wheel also is a great analogy for organizations. I will go into more detail in the following posts, but for now let me say that when our companies are true and running smoothly you have a confidence that you will reach your goals with speed and agility. When they are not, there is very little confidence you will reach your goal.

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