Limit Adjustment Screws

When I was just starting out in Cycling, I noticed any and all road bikes as they would pass by. I soon began to notice some of the differences in the way they looked. First was the position of the shift levers. I knew if the shifters were up near the stem (like my old Schwinn Continental) they were not the quality of bike I was looking for. Even if they had a name that sounded Italian or French. I knew I wanted a bike with down tube levers like they had in The Tour De France.

As I started to look close, I also noticed that the bikes the racers rode did not have the spoke protecting shield between the spokes and the rear freewheel. At first I thought it was to save weight. Soon I learned that it was really un-necessary if your “Set Screws” or Limit Adjustment Screws were adjusted properly.

These screws are located on the derailleurs and limit how close, and how far from the bike the derailleur is allowed to move. If they are not adjusted properly, or set right, a cyclist runs the risk of throwing their chain into the spokes or into the dropout. Both of these actions can cause slowing and potentially damage or injury.

In our organizations, as well as our personal lives, we have set screws. They limit how far we will go and what things we will do. If they are not set correctly we can cause damage and injury to ourselves and others. They are our values. So…have you adjusted your set screws, or established your values? Have you placed limits on yourself and your company?

Look at what happened to Enron. This is a company that had not adjusted their set screws. They let others tell them things were possible even thought they were not ethical or legal. Yet, because of their drive to succeed they chose to ignore reasonable limits. The result was pain and suffering for a lot of people.

On the other hand you have companies like Disney who have outlined exactly how they will treat their employees (Cast) and the guests at their parks. The result is a loyal following of guests and Cast, and a company that is modeled by companies around the world.

Take some time to sit down and outline the values or standards you want to have in your company. How do your company values match with your personal values? As you live by those values and do not violate them you will find no matter how often or fast you shift gears you will not be derailed in your journey.

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