Is your organization true?

When I think back to the first time I tried to true a wheel, I remember the frustration and

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the patience I needed. Incremental adjustments needed to be made in order for the rim to pass between the two edges of the truing stand. Not only did I have to correct the movement side to side, but I also had to look for hops in the rim that would show how out of round the rim was. I remember the feeling of accomplishment when spinning the  wheel and seeing it spin effortlessly and smoothly through the truing stand.

The rim being true is the physical manifestation of all the spokes being at the proper length and tension. When you have done that part correctly you have a wheel that is true, round, and strong.

Our organizations are much like the rim of a wheel. How strong and true they are is dependant on the people and departments that support it. If every department in your organization represented a spoke on a wheel, how would your organization look in a truing stand? Would you have the proper tension on each of those departments?

Think about this. When times get tough many organizations will eliminate departments or budgets in order to look good for investors. However, if you removed a spoke from your wheel, could you have the confidence it would take you through challenging times?


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