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Interbike 2011

I just got back from this year’s Interbike. For those who are not in the industry, this is the largest bike industry trade show in the US. I wandered for 3 days among the 1100 booths trying to take in all the new products for 2011.

Every day I would walk in and think how did I miss seeing this before? I quickly became aware of my tunnel vision and biases. One of my first stops was to the Italian pavilion. Here you could see many of the Italian Frames and clothing manufacturers. There were helmets, gloves, bikes, and accessories. I steered away from the China and Taiwan areas. Not because I do not think they make a quality product, but because their booths tended to be more for business than show. They were there to get the orders, to produce many of the things we will all be wearing next year.

One pleasant surprise while speaking with those in the industry is the amount of growth in the bike market in the last few years. While the country has been in a recession, the bike industry has been gaining momentum.

My mission while there was to make contacts, Look for material for the blog, and test the concept of my leadership training camps. I would say after 3 exhausting days, it was a great success. I look forward to sharing with you more once I have a chance to decompress.




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