“Experience is the sum of both the right and the wrong things that you do. It’s not possible to do only right things. Better said, the wrong things give you a chance to understand at least where you’ve gone awry…” Valentino Campagnolo

In my life I have had many bosses. Many were good, but only a few I would consider great. One of my bosses that I would consider great, made it OK to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes.

I remember one day I had made a decision that ended up costing the company thousands of dollars. I went to my boss to let her know what had happened and how sorry I felt. She sat me down and asked me if I had learned anything from my decision. I explained to her what I had learned. She then asked me if I would ever do it again. I emphatically told her no I would never do it again. She then responded that the thousands of dollars the company had lost was money well spent.

She helped me to understand that we become better employees through the right and wrong choices we make. She also taught me that true leadership comes from utilizing all situations positive and negative to learn from.

Have you helped someone learn from their mistakes? If so what impact did it have on them and the organization?


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