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Since Lance Armstrong began to dominate the Tour de France more and more Americans have taken up the sport of cycling. Each day we see more and more cyclists out on the roads.

We weekend warriors will never be as good as Lance Armstrong, Greg Lemond, Miguel Indurain, or many other greats in the field of cycling. We will probably never ride in the classics like the Tour de France, the Vuelta A Espana, or the Giro d’Italia. We may only spin around the block with our friends and consider the local centuries as our claim to fame. But for some reason cycling has gotten under our skin and we are driven to get out every year to test our legs and to see what we are made of.

Business, in some cases, is something we do to support our cycling habit. I recently saw that more money was spent on cycling worldwide than any other sport. Maybe that is because it is not uncommon to spend $5000 or more on bikes, clothing, gear and of course upgrades.

A few years ago, while on a bike ride, I became more and more aware of the parallels between cycling and business. In this blog I will articulate some of these relationships in an effort to help us better understand both. I welcome your thoughts and comments in this process.

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