Has your hospital suffered financially because of COVID-19?

Additional financial help is available.

COVID-19 Relief:

  1. Federal Funds (EIDL, PPP, Funds for Healthcare)
  2. State Funds (Check with your State
  3. Additional Resources (Let’s Talk)

Schedule an Appointment to find out about additional sources of free money for your hospital.

Rural Hospitals Are Our Focus

Rural Hospitals are the backbone of their communities. They are the basis of the economy for the County they are in. At Cycle of Business we are bringing the tools and resources they need to survive.

Strategic Planning

Create a plan that has everyone working to get your to your goals. 

Strategy Execution

Drive transparency and execution to your plan with our web-based Strategy Execution tool.

Community Health Needs Assessments

Choose Strategic CHNAs, designed to fit your needs and budget.

Mission, Vision, Values

Unify your people around a common vision of the future and code of conduct.