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As I think about Lance Armstrong and what he was able to accomplish in each of the Tours he won, one of the things that stands out the most is the way his teams worked together. Having the right people in the right place at the right time was something he did masterfully. Each year his team for the tour consisted of the best of the best that would help their team finish the tour in first place. Each person, chosen for their unique talents and abilities, was put there for a reason. We do the same thing in our organizations. We look for the best talent and hire them based on their abilities. Lets think for a moment of what it takes to acquire the best talent for our organizations.
  1. Understand Strengths.  Each of us perform best when we are given tasks that match our talents.
  2. Realize Passions. Do you love your job?
  3. Company Fit. Because we spend so much of our time during the day, with our co-workers, we need to make sure they fit with the rest of the team.
If we can find people whose Strengths and Passions align to the role we need filled, and they fit with the company culture, we can create strong teams with a greater likelihood of reaching our goals.

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